Get Involved


How everyone can get involved

Your financial investment at any level makes a significant impact at the Center. For only $20, your donation provides a free pregnancy test, encouragement, support, and prayer to a woman in need. Imagine the impact of $100, $200 or even more. Donate a one-time gift or partner with us with regular, monthly giving. Your gifts make this vital ministry possible.

Celebrate a mom’s choice for life! Donate new and like-new baby items to the Center’s Baby Boutique where moms and dads can “buy” the items they need with Mommy Money/Daddy Dollars they earn from parenting classes. We also encourage groups hosting Baby Showers where the items brought are donated to the Center.


Prayer is an important part of everything we do at the Center. There are many ways to support us in prayer. Please consider praying for us on a regular basis by signing up to receive our prayer e-mail which is sent out once a week with specific prayer requests.

Or you can become a Prayer Room Volunteer by joining us during the week for prayer in our chapel at The Center. Visit this link to complete and return our  Prayer Room Volunteer Application


Getting started is easy! We provide all the training you need to deliver a life-giving message and care to women in our community. Whether you are greeting guests and scheduling appointments at the Welcome Desk as the first friendly face our clients will see or informing them of options and provision available to them as a Client Advocate you will be fully equipped to make an impact that saves and changes lives. Fill out the volunteer application today!


Medical Professional Opportunities

Volunteer to Fill A Critical Role

As a limited medical center, The Pregnancy Center is required to have a licensed medical professional in our office when our center is open to clients. If you’re an RN, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or physician, your help is needed to fulfill this requirement. Sign up to volunteer now.

Women Receive More Services Through You

Through medical professionals like you, the Pregnancy Center offers women facing unplanned pregnancies free ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy, determine gestational age, the viability of a pregnancy and so much more! Volunteer to be part of the Pregnancy Center’s medical team. Through you, Toledo women facing unplanned pregnancies will continue to receive these free services.

Volunteer Now

Without medical volunteers, the Pregnancy Center cannot provide many of the vital life-affirming services currently offered to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Will you help ensure these services continue to be available at the Pregnancy Center? Commit to volunteering one, 4-hour shift a week. Volunteers are needed for:

  • Medical Shift Coverage – As a medical center, the Pregnancy Center needs a medical professional at our center during all hours of operation. If you’re an RN, nurse practitioner, physician or another medical profession, the Pregnancy Center needs you.

  • Ultrasonography – When a woman considers abortion, seeing her baby through an ultrasound often saves the baby’s life. RMDS technicians and RNs trained in ultrasonography are needed to perform ultrasounds and radiologists and obstetricians are needed to read scans. Your help provides a life-saving image to women considering abortion.

Church Opportunities

Facilitate Pregnancy and Parenting Classes

Your church could partner with the Pregnancy Center to equip new moms and dads through our Pregnancy ​and Parenting Classes for Him and Her. Use our curriculum as an educational discipleship tool at your church. When churches partner with the Pregnancy Center in this way, educational resources are made more available throughout Toledo greatly increasing opportunities for those who have transportation hindrances. Partnering in this way also increases the opportunity for our client's continued discipleship and spiritual growth through connection with the church.

Host a Baby Shower

Baby Showers are a great way to come together to meet the needs of our neighbors. When you parter with the Pregnancy Center through hosting a baby shower to provide baby blankets, diapers, wipes, formula, or clothing you can be confident that it will be redistributed with a message of hope that comes only through Jesus.​

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
Invite a Pregnancy Center Representative

On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, Pregnancy Center representatives visit churches around Toledo to celebrate God's gift of life and share a life giving message as we commemorate the many lives lost to abortion, commit to protect human life at every stage, and pray for the strengthening of families, and for the healing of those affected by abortion.



Business Opportunities

Sponsor an Event

Advertise your business during our upcoming events. Your advertisement shows your corporate commitment to giving back to the Greater Toledo community while helping the Pregnancy Center save lives. Sponsorship always includes various levels of advertising, tickets or entry to the event and other perks.

Contribute In-Kind services

You can help free up the budget at The Pregnancy Center by donating in-kind services. Every contribution your business makes allows the Center to redirect funds toward other expenses, such as medical supplies and client resources. From general maintenance to legal counsel, there’s a need for every service. Contact us to contribute your business’s professional services to the Pregnancy Center and be a part of saving lives in the Greater Toledo community.

Donate or Raise Funds

Give a donation or plan a fundraiser to contribute financially to this vital ministry. Your business’s tax-deductible gift will contribute toward saving lives in our community.

Does Your Employer Match Gifts? 
Double the impact of your generous financial gift. Find out if your company matches charitable donations to non-profit organizations like The Pregnancy Center. Some companies match up to $2,500 per employee per year. Direct those funds to The Pregnancy Center to save unborn babies in the Toledo community and help men and women in need.