About the Pregnancy Center


Our History

Where it all began...

The Pregnancy Center of Toledo has stood as a beacon of hope in our community for 35 years (established 1985). Our founder knew that women deserved support through unplanned pregnancies and so she took out a phone line in her spare bedroom to start taking phone calls to support women in crisis. Once the Pregnancy Center board developed it was advised that $5,000 was needed before opening the doors. After a phone call with a grieving woman after her abortion, the leadership knew they needed to open, and with well under $5,000 our doors opened in 1984. The value system of faith, courage, trust, and standing with women in our community still exists in the ministry to this day.


In those 35 years, we’ve helped more than 41,000 women dealing with unplanned pregnancies sort through their feelings, and find answers. In 2012 the Center became a medical facility and under the leadership of our Medical Director, Dr. Ann Ruch, MD. we have a vibrant full and part-time staff, including a Nurse Manager to ensure we provide excellent medical services to our clients. Our licensed Medical Director oversees our medical clinic operations. Our facility is open to walk-in clients 5 days a week for 38 hours, plus additional hours for evening programming and appointments. More than 79 dedicated volunteers donate more than 4,900 hours of their time a year to help us provide compassion, care, and service to each woman that walks through our doors.


The Pregnancy Center creates a culture of life for every woman who comes to us. She experiences the compassion of Christ through volunteers and staff who help meet her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We share the truth about abortion and empower her to choose life for her unborn baby through services, counseling, and abortion education. We offer every client the opportunity to pray and share the Gospel with those open to hearing.


Our mission continues to expand as we seek out the desire to create avenues for sustainable parenting for the clients we serve. Our educational programming serves individuals and their significant other through pregnancy and their first year of parenting. In 2019 we moved our parenting classes into the local church to create a cohesive transition out of the Pregnancy Center into a vibrant faith community. We currently see that over 60% of attendees continue engagement at the church after the classes. We also added additional programs like a new mom and baby playgroup and a pregnancy loss support group.

After Abortion Care

Although the Pregnancy Center has served individuals after abortion through Abortion Recovery, in 2017 we opened our After Abortion Care location, The Haven. At the Haven, we operate under the belief that God is the same for individuals walking out of an abortion facility as He is for those walking in. The Haven is uniquely positioned next door to the last remaining abortion facility in Toledo and provides grief and loss coaching, abortion recovery and support group to both men and women after an abortion decision.

On Campus

In 2017 the Pregnancy Center launched a new initiative to serve women on college campuses believing that if we raise them up in their value, worth and identity through Christ not only would we reduce the number of women walking into an abortion facility we would also reduce the number of women walking into a pregnancy center. Soul Purpose, our campus outreach, has served hundreds of students across college campuses. In 2019 Soul Purpose became a national organization and currently has three chapters and is still expanding to more college campuses.