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What is PCOC?  Click Here to visit our website

Click Here to visit the PCOC website for up to date info, pictures, and events!

PCOC stands for Pregnancy Center on Campus, and we have a mission of Educating and Empowering Students!

  • Educating Students about life affirming options and sexual risk avoidance
  • Empowering Students who are facing an unplanned pregnancy to complete their education
Our Contact Information: Phone or Text: 419-304-3221 or email:

Student Involvement Opportunities

Our first meeting with students wanting to become involved with PCOC!

University of Toledo

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Community Liaison: Build relationships, promote and set up educational events for the UT community, compile resources
  • Social Chair: Plan exciting social events to promote new volunteer involvement
  • Marketing Chair: Update social media, develop a PCOC app, and maintain website

Membership Opportunities:

  • Student Advocate: Certified by PCOC to peer counsel students who think they might be pregnant. Provides education, support and resources.
  • Client Mentors: Certified by PCOC to provide education materials, and support throughout a pregnancy
  • Committee Member: Help plan UT community events, social outings, and marketing ideas

How to get involved:

You can become involved a couple of different ways. The first way is to contact us at 419-304-3221 or email us

Services PCOC will provide:

  • Free pregnancy tests and options education
  • Access to free ultrasounds
  • Free parenting and pregnancy classes
  • Sexual risk avoidance education
  • Mentorship support
  • Resources for the following: medical referals, counseling referals, childcare resources, insurance resources, free baby boutique
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A Latté for Life

By giving up 1 latté ($5) you can support the Pregnancy Center to help women in the community and their unborn child.

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Stories for Life

“I love being able to see an expectant mother’s reaction to seeing and hearing her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. The gift of life is such a wonderful thing and I am so amazed when I get to be a part of the process to help women start this new chapter of their lives.”

Jessica, (a P5 in the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy)