Medical Professionals Save Lives

Have you ever felt limited by the relentless red tape of the medical world? Escape the red tape by volunteering at the Pregnancy Center for just a few hours each week. Your training allows you to communicate effectively with women in need while providing factual information and critical health services to help them choose life. Here, you’ll experience tangible results that can be measured in lives saved – and lives changed.

Opportunities For
Medical Professionals

Volunteer to Fill A Critical Role

As a medical center, The Pregnancy Center is required to have a licensed medical professional in our office when our center is open to clients. If you’re a RN, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or physician, your help is needed to fulfill this requirement. Sign up to volunteer now.

Women Receive More Services Through You

Through medical professionals like you, the Pregnancy Center offers women facing unplanned pregnancies free ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy, determine gestational age, viability of a pregnancy and so much more! Volunteer to be part of the Pregnancy Center’s medical team. Through you Toledo women facing unplanned pregnancies will continue to receive these free services.

Volunteer Now

Without medical volunteers, the Pregnancy Center cannot provide many of the vital life-affirming services currently offered to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Will you help ensure these services continue to be available at the Pregnancy Center? Commit to volunteering one, 4 hour shift a week. Volunteers are needed for:

  • Medical Shift Coverage – As a medical center, the Pregnancy Center needs a medical professional at our center during all hours of operation. If you’re a RN, nurse practitioner, physician or other medical professional, the Pregnancy Center needs you.
  • Ultrasonography – When a woman considers abortion, seeing her baby through an ultrasound often saves the baby’s life. RMDS technicians and RNs trained in ultrasonography are needed to perform ultrasounds and radiologists and obstetricians are needed to read scans. Your helps provides a life-saving image to women considering abortion.

News & Updates

Keep up with the amazing stories about what God is doing through the partners and staff at The Pregnancy Center. Just a little info and we can stay in touch.

As a general practitioner, volunteering at a pregnancy center has always been on my radar. When my third child neared college, I knew it was time to take action. In 2012, I began volunteering at the Pregnancy Center as a client advocate and nurse. I’ve enjoyed taking part in the full spectrum of care given to clients. I’m especially honored to provide ultrasounds, showing women their baby’s heartbeats, movement, body and faces – clearly living beings inside of them. Life, especially human life, is the masterpiece of God’s creation. My efforts help girls to see the life within them for what it is. – Jean Oram
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