Finding Hope and Healing After a Past Abortion

Connection Nights

"Abortion Recovery was life changing for me. It helped me break the chains that were holding me back from living life to the fullest." --Quote from Client that went through Abortion Recovery.

Connection Nights are held for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Abortion Recovery Program, at the Pregnancy Center. During a Connection Night you will work one on one with a facilitator to explore if our Abortion Recovery is right for you. This is not a commitment to the class, though you will have an opportunity to enroll if you decide it is right for you. We invite you to call, text, or email us if you are interested in a Connection Night Appointment.

10 Reasons

Quotes from Post Abortive Women Who Decided to Join Abortion Recovery




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Keep up with the amazing stories about what God is doing through the partners and staff at The Pregnancy Center. Just a little info and we can stay in touch.

Hope and Healing
"It is my prayer that this book will guide you into this same place ,where you will find the peace of God's forgiveness and the freedom of forgiving others. I pray that you do not run from the chance to experience God's care, but grasp His promises with both hands. God bless you in your journey of hope and healing in Jesus' name." Linda Cochrane, author of Forgiven and Set Free.
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